Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Ru x86/x64 SP1 WPI Boot by OVGorskiy

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Ru x86/x64 SP1 WPI Boot by OVGorskiy (16.03.2012) | 4.38 GB/4.38 Gb

About the program: Building based on the official images of the MICROSOFT MSDN ru_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677463.iso In the assembly added package WPI Pack by OVG v.03.12, released in March 2012 g.Integrirovany Internet Explorer 9, ru with updates, updates on the March 16 registration 2012g.paket New Look 2 of Smarty program Adobe Reader X Uninstall Tool, WinRAR, AIDA64, Mozilla Firefox, additional themes gadgets and background images.

Orignal Provider -->

additional languages ??other than Japanese (needed for the office)
media center, some drivers, gadgets and games, all versions except the maximum,
background images, examples, pictures, music and video elements of the Tablet PC.
Services and processes by default except the firewall - moved to manual start.
Applied corrections for all errors found localization of Windows 7, which survived in SP1.
(Except for the well-known bug with the bar in the Start menu) and reduced the font dialog to the same size - 8pt.
Semi-automatic machine (left to enter your data, select and format the partition).
Disabled UAC (User Account Control) and Hibernate. Set the default keyboard language - English.
Local Time - 5 hours.
At present just booting Boot OS installation, testing Memtest86 + memory test and HDD Victoria.
The assembly is designed to build on one DVD all you need for the problem without installing the OS and programs
with a minimal investment of time and effort.

To activate Windows 7
A. Turning off the internet and antivirus!
Two. Open the DVD and copy the folder "Activators" on drive C:
Three. Run the file "Windows 7 Loader 2.1.exe" Click Install and wait (long) until it appears on the successful activation and the need to reboot.
4. Hit reset and reboot check the results.
Five. If not successful, repeat point 3 again. The result is 100%.

Note: If you want to change my logo in the "properties" of the system and manufacturer information on your computer, then run the file "OEM Logo 7Loader v1.6.1.exe" from the folder "activators." Select an icon from your motherboard manufacturer or computer. Push install logo. We are waiting for the result and, if successful, exit the program.

System requirements:
� Processor 1.5 GHz or higher
� Recommended RAM - 1 GB or more (minimum allowable - 512 MB, while productivity may be limited and some features)
� Requires 18 GB of free disk space (the used space on your hard drive depending on configuration, for custom installation may require more or less disk space)
� DVD-ROM drive
� Keyboard and mouse (Microsoft), or compatible pointing device
� Monitor resolution of 800/600 or more
� Video Card - DirectX 9 compatible, 128 MB

Checksums x86:
MD5: C5C5BF991921B59DB3036509A6414849
SHA-1: D6AD38FD385D82B9E555912489E5D4AB1229C981
CRC32: FB3C733C

Checksums x64:
MD5: 28445B55803490E962B695E4AA83F423
SHA-1: 0B1A007CA1C1227B95CD95B84E8CABF701B7C5D7
CRC32: B92465B3

Information Soft
Title: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Ru x86 SP1 WPI Boot by OVGorskiy (16.03.2012)
Category: Operating Systems
Developer: Microsoft
Year: 2012