Ninja Gaiden Black (xbox360) | 4.34 GB


Here is another XBOX original legend of a classic in G.0.D Format so you can just stick on on your hdd and play away.

Ninja Gaiden Black is an enhanced remake of the action / adventure game Ninja Gaiden which was originally released on the Xbox in 2004. It is known for its incredibly fluid animations, deep fighting system, and intense difficulty as players guide protagonist Ryu Hayabusa through sixteen chapters worth of brutal combat, environmental exploration, and puzzle solving. In addition to including all of the content and improvements from the free downloadable "Hurricane Packs" released for its predecessor (Except for the Intercept, as it made the game too easy), Black also enjoyed some engine enhancements for improved textures, new in-engine cutscenes to fill out parts of the story, more unlockable costumes, and two additional difficulty levels.

Played from a third-person perspective, Ninja Gaiden specializes in fast, visceral 3D combat against multiple opponents including black ninjas wielding explosive throwing stars, armored soldiers with submachine guns and electrified blades, huge dinosaur-like demons which can breathe fire, and many more. These foes are highly aggressive -- unlike many similar games, they will not hesitate to coordinate their attacks to strike from multiple directions at once, executing continuous combos or devastating grapple moves to exploit any opening in the player's defenses. Every enemy in the game is fast, strong, and capable of dealing out lethal amounts of damage to send the player back to the previous save point.

Fortunately, the player-controlled Ryu Hayabusa has a variety of upgradeable weapons at his disposal, superhuman agility which allows him roll safely away from enemy attacks and run several steps straight up most vertical surfaces, and the ability to cast a few different "ninpo" spells which can inflict heavy damage on one or more nearby foes. Fallen enemies also give off yellow essence which can be exchanged at shops for healing items, blue essence to heal up Ryu's wounds, and red essence to recharge his ninpo, and in the thick of battle, nearby essence can be absorbed to unleash immensely powerful "Ultimate Techniques" capable of slaying multiple enemies at a time.

Combat can take place at virtually any point in the game, but between battles, players explore each level to find hidden items and solve puzzles to proceed to the next area. There are many variations on the theme of finding a key to pass through a particular locked door, as well as environmental puzzles where Ryu must use his wall-running ability or ledge-shimmying skills to avoid damage and gain access to a hard-to-reach place. In addition to free hidden healing items, most levels also include Golden Scarab jewels which can be exchanged at shops for unique items which cannot be obtained any other way.

Weapons in the game include the Dragon Sword, a single katana considered the most balanced weapon in the game, nunchucks which sacrifice range for a greater attack speed, a quarterstaff which can easily hit multiple surrounding enemies with every swing, and a couple super-heavy weapons, like the Dabilahro great sword, which are ideal for dishing out heavy damage against some of the slower, more heavily armored opponents. Each weapon can be improved at shops in the game to unlock new and more powerful combos.

Black features several subtle gameplay changes from the original release including the relocation of certain keys, new enemies, and a few brief in-engine cutscenes designed to bridge some of the gaps in the narrative. Players who frequently die will be offered the opportunity to "Abandon the Way of the Ninja", and those who accept will be transfered to Black's new " Ninja Dog" difficulty level which is easier than the normal mode, but brands Ryu with a bright pink ribbon.

Finally, Black also adds a Mission Mode which can be unlocked by completing the game. These fifty levels focus exclusively on the combat, often restricting the player's available weapons and healing items to enhance the difficulty and give veteran players a series of progressively tougher challenges.