Delcam FeatureCam 2012 R2 SP2 (v18.6.0.29) 32bit/64bit Multilanguage | 1.16 GB

Delcam FeatureCam - system of rapid preparation of control programs based on standard elements.

FeatureCAM allows you to:
* Build or import item
* Identify the elements of the parts (holes, pockets, grooves, surface milling, etc.)
* Create and simulate the processing
* Generate NC code control program (UP)
The knowledge base processing technology increases the productivity of

FeatureCAM automatically:
* Select the tool
* Calculate speed and feed, step and depth of cut
* Determines roughing and finishing operations
* Generates a processing path and NC code control program
You can specify the required degree of automation and change any automatically generated processing

FeatureCAM provides:
* An extensive library of postprocessors with the ability to create your own or modify existing
* Optimization of feed
* API interface to create a macro programming and custom applications
* Documentation for works costing
* Built-in 3D simulation

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