Cultures Anthology | 979.56 MB

Title: Cultures Anthology
Genre: RTS / isometric / mythology
Released: 31st July 2001
Developer: Funatics Software
Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Cultures Anthology is a pack including the four games of a particularly good and addictive series. Lead your Viking tribe to victory!
Cultures - make your tribe migrate to find pieces of a magic sun!
Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard - rally other tribes to fight a legendary firesnake!
Cultures 3: Northland - discover the reason of your hero's strange visions and face creatures from Nordic mythology.
Cultures 4: 8th Wonder of the World - find the 8th Wonder of the World to banish darkness from Earth!

How to play:
1) Download the games;
2) Run the games' Setup.exe installers from their respective folders;
3) Play the games using their main executables or shortcuts.