Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL x32 SP1 Lite (updates to 01/2012)
Size: 1.81 GB

This was compiled to get Windows 7 to occupy only 4.5 GB (excluding Recycle Bin, System Restore, Pagefile and Hibernation).
Custom files have been added to completely transform the look of the OS.

NOTE-Only run from Administrator account! Do not create other User accounts. Other languages cannot be installed. Do not connect to other computers.

Details below-




Welcome Center=True
Sample Music and Videos=True
Sample Pictures=True
DVD Maker=True
Manual windows setup=True
Natural Language=True
Windows Anytime Upgrade=True
Windows Easy Transfer=True

All (except English, Japanese)


Critical updates to 01/2012. IE8 not updated.

Control panel view=Small icon

Application TimeOut=1000
Font Smoothing=Enable
Auto EndTask=Enable
Lowlevel Hooks TimeOut=1000
Menu Show Delay=6
Tool tips=Disable
Wait to Kill Application TimeOut=2000

[Desktop Taskbar]
Taskbar buttons=Combine when task bar is full
Use small icons=Enable

[Explorer Context]
Grant Admin Permission=Enable

[Explorer Views]
Show Super Hidden Operating System Files=Enable
Hide File Extensions=Disable

Anti spyware=Disable
Windows Firewall=Enable

Remote Registry=Disable

Auto Restart in the event of BSOD=Disable
UXTheme patch=Enable
PowerDown After Shutdown=Enable
Trim solid state drives=Enable
Set Mouse Pointer Speed Maximum=Enable
Low disk space warning=Disable

[Visual Effects]
Thick Window frame=Enable

[Internet Explorer]
Not tweaked

[Reg Tweaks]

[Screen Saver]

Teek Modern.theme
SiCo Big.theme

W7T Tweaks

Block Negative DNS Entries
Disable 8.3 Name Creation
Disable Admin Shares
Disable Auto Reboot after installing updates
Disable CPU Parking
Disable Dr Watson
Disable Group Policy Synchronise
Disable Highlighting of new Programs
Disable Paging Executive
Disable Tool Tips
Disable Windows Error Reporting
Enable DVD in Media Player
Increase File System Memory Cache Size
Increase Icon Cache
Increase RPC Packet Size
Instant Taskbar Preview
Keep Positive DNS Entries
Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Process
Open NFO files with notepad
Remove 'Default Programs' from Start Menu
Remove 'Games' from Start Menu
Remove 'Help & Support' from Start Menu
Restore Previous Folder at Logon
Show All Icons on Taskbar
Show 'Downloads' on Start Menu
Show Drive Letters First
Speed Up Desktop
Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files
Use small icons on Start Menu
Word Wrap in Notepad

Auto logon defaults - Administrator, blank password
Computer Name - milrob-PC
Language - English (Australia)
Timezone - Perth (Australia)
Above can be changed in Control Panel

Screensavers, sound schemes, wallpapers and Regional themes removed and replaced with custom items (defaults to Teek Modern theme). Windows Aero theme intact.

Only 5 system files reshacked (basebrd.dll, imageres.dll, shell32.dll, spwizimg.dll and explorer.exe).

Extras folder on Desktop includes apps for further modding of Themes and OS (includes Activation, Smart Utility, Start Button Changer, Startup Sound Changer, Logo Changer, WinBubbles and UltraISO - all are portable).