Thrust Fault (1994)

Dean Johnson, Derek Cruise, Jeff Dillon, Karl Thomas, Sean Hunter, Taz Action, Travis Colt

Thrust Fault will jolt you immediately with its handsome cast! Dean Johnson and Derek Cruise (Best Newcomer of 1994) are thrust into a rental market after their digs are trashed by a major tremor.
Dean appeals to rental agent Travis Colt, who finds Dean's appeal appealing. Dean persuades him to rent to him with the use of an effective negotiating tool. Derek wonders if he can still make the earth move for Dean and contemplates getting therapy to resolve his worries. At the therapist's office, Jeff Dillon soothes Taz Action's frazzled nerve endings by making him quake with pleasure.
Sean Hunter and Karl Thomas find they have some sticking points to work out in a video Dean watches for pointers. In the end, Dean has a premonition that the big one is coming, which is amazing because just then Derek makes a move on him.

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