Roqstar Entertainment - House Synth Loops (WAV)

Roqstar Entertainment - House Synth Loops (WAV) | 503MB

'House Synth Loops' from Roqstar Entertainment is a great collection of 33 Loop Kits and over 150 Loops filled with melodic to electronic and minimalistic synth loops. Each kit contains up to 8 loops which all fit to getter to build smooth and clean tracks.

This is a great resource for not only house but also urban, electro and pop producers to find some inspiring and experimental loops and catchy melodies. The kits vary from hard and pushing to melodic and laid-back sounds.

This library contains basses, pads, synths, rhythmic synths and effect loops. Cut them, run them through effect processors and get experimental!

It's also a great song starter library. It's easy to pick a bass or melody loop and start to build a song around it. Just take a listen to the demo.

In all 'House Synth Loops' offers:
� 33 Multi-Loop Kits
� 505MB
� Over 150 Loops
� 128BPM
� Royalty-Free


All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you. This means you can use them in your commercial compositions at no extra costs. Please see our licence agreement for full details.


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