Original Eroto-Wrestling. Series Two, Number 1: Rip-N-Strip Wrestling 1 (1998)

Paul Carrigan, Cody Tyler, Collin Jennings, Rob Steele, Drew Andrews, Bruce Hill

Get ready to tumble. A killer new series of full muscle-studs taking on everyone from helpless young twinks, to equally butch opponents. Get out your mats and tissues, and let the games begin!
Match One - GOOD MATCH, MAN pits burly Paul Carrigan against wiry, experienced Cody Tyler, a wrestler with pierced nipples and wild eyes. Both men use tough body slams, tight arm locks and lithe body flips in their quest to top the other. Who wins? Watch and find out. Let's just say the loser gets a real mouthful.
Match Two - HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT MOVE? features mouthy smartass Collin Jennings in a way too hot confrontation with humpy Rob Steele. The two roll around the mat working up a sweat as they twist and slide in and out of grabs, body presses and hammerlocks. Jennings' obsession with Mr. Steele's cock proves his undoing and before long Collin has to eat more than just his words.
Match Three - COME ON, PUSSY BOY Horse-hung and dirty wrestler Drew Andrews pulls every sly trick in the book to pin muscular Bruce Hill and gets what he wants more than anything - a good fuck. Hill's back-breaker holds, body slams, leg twisters and arm stretchers are no match for Andrew's rabbit punches and ball squeezers. Ultimately, we know Hill is going to get it in the end.

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