SmartSound Strata Series: Chilled & Shaken

SmartSound Strata Series: Chilled & Shaken (dmg/iso) | 4.78 GB

Cool, mellow and shaken up. A great combination of tracks that can be used for subtle mood enhancement, dramatic inspiration ora stylishcorporateimage.

Tracks on "Chilled & Shaken":

Aether Dance: Percolating percussiveness merge with atmospheric textures in this relaxing chillout selection.

Best Served Chilled: A cool concoction of beats and chordal wash, just right for scenes of leisure and laid-back attitudes.

Come What May: Skittery beats meet up with soothing lead sounds in a quintessential chill track.

Ease Your Mind: A flowing, gentle backdrop ideal for dreamy sequences or any relaxing scenario.

Elementals: This kinetic and searching chillout track is great for science and technology applications.

Free Yourself: An expansive and hopeful offering in the electonic vain. A nice confidence-builder for corporate projects.

Glisten Carefully: A unique and pleasant track with a percussive slant. Strings and synth provide a warm background for the world-percussion foundation.

Live To Dream: This forward-moving and uplifting selection provides a pleasant backing sound for any project needing a positive lift. Also has dramatic passages.

Still Life: Calm and introspective, this backdrop can serve as a touching addition to scenes of dramatic turning points. Also good for new age applications.

Train Of Thought: Orchestral elements play with percolating electronics in this forward-thinking dramatic piece.



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