Valkyrie Profile (USA) (PSX)
Valkyrie Profile - USA region for PSX / Playstation 1
Size: 779.28 MB
Genre: RPG

Game is in BIN + CUE format and has been compressed with 7zip.

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File Hashes:
Valkyrie Profile (USA) (Disc 1).bin

CRC: dd0422d5
MD5: f579cb951587081019f91af9458d305b
SHA1: fa13cbde448a47fa87b6c7829df1c5e6215f5f66

Valkyrie Profile (USA) (Disc 2).bin
CRC: c2132829
MD5: 19f36bd625e676ea5d74db612d26eb6c
SHA1: 7cc65766b46273b4ee166269170ecbaa433908fd
Size: 779.28 MB - Valkyrie Profile (USA).rar.html