GTA IV Warz ep III Re7urn of the SinS-CFW (PS3|Rip)
Size: 781.91MB
Genre: Action

Evil Airport with new conversions!
Evil Ladders!
handgun and deagle with fire rates like mp5
shotgun and baretta fire rates like AK-47
Niko is the only one in game with these weapons!
Uzi and Mp5 w/ Spark effects!
SultanRs and FBI with true drift Settings
Monster 4 x 4 RANCHER!!!
Pol Mav and Tour Mav have stunt settings
New NIKE style Phone!
Jay Z n Kanye "N*****S in Paris"
Tyga "Rack City" as videos in game!
New Weapon Icons
New Phone Themes!
EFLC Vehicles!
No non colored Radio Icons
Reality IV
Empire HUD
Evil Colors
Bigger Explosions and BloodFx!
Pav's Hotness Hot girls from EFLC as Police Force!
My new vehoff with fixed heli cop views and new views for bikes and some cars.

script buttons

R1 + Dpad Right=Teleport Star Junction
R1+Dpad Left=Teleport Airport
R2+Dpad Right=Teleport FireFly Island
R2+Dpad Left=Teleport MiddlePark
L2+Dpad Right=Teleport Happiness Island
L2+Dpad Left=Teleport Helitours
L1+Dpad Right=Teleport Boulevard
L1+Dpad Left=Teleport Charge Island

L3+R3=Vehicle Helper(Vehicle Invincibility)on/off
R3+L2 Doors locked
R1+R2=Poor Weapons
R1+DpadUp=Advanced Weapons
R2+DpadDown=Unlimited Ammo on/off
R1+L3=Super Running on/off
R3+DPadUP Invisibility on/off

R2+DpadUP=GOD MODE!!!!
All work with the Campiagn mode Of GTA IV onLY!!!

SixAxis still spawns @ Evil Airport!
Also comes with an original GTA IV vehicle.img for the Dardan and Dwanye Missions, those missions require the original vehicle image(believe me I tested this!)
Folder is set up for correct file placement.

Size: 781.91MB IV WARZ EP III_CfW.rar.html