Porteus 1.1 i486/x86/64 ENG 2012 | 560 MB
Community Porteus officially represents the final release of Porteus Version 1.1. Porteus - it's fast, portable and modular Live CD / USB-based Slackware, as a working environment between the user selects the Trinity (a fork of KDE 3), KDE 4, LXDE. Release Porteus 1.1, available in 32 - and 64-bit editions, contains bug fixes and some new features, chief among them - a new graphical installer and a fully rebuilt package manager automatically resolve dependencies when downloading new software.Among other changes: the kernel has been updated to version 3.1.8 (BFS scheduler + ASPM patch); to the latest stable version of the updated program ndiswrapper; in connection with enhanced support for core hardware removed some drivers broadcom; initrd recompiled using uClibc; optimized startup scripts; statically-compiled 32-bit lilo, syslinux and extlinux etc.

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