Easy Poster Printer | 27.5 MB
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Easy Poster Printer allows you to print posters of any size (maximum 20x20 feet) with a conventional printer. You only need to drag an image into the program and click print. The program allows you to see ahead of print design poster. Easy Poster Printer uses the latest technology of Microsoft.NET, which ensures compatibility with a wide range of printers.

Key Features
- Ability to make posters of any size (up to 20x20 feet) with a conventional printer.
- Print or preview any page.
- Download, cleaning, turning images on the fly.
- Definition of a poster size, in millimeters, centimeters, inches.
- Adjust the size of the poster (using the built-in algorithm snap up or down).
- View your posters as thumbnails Windows Explorer (Vista or later).
- Ability to save your own formats for easy playback.
- Ability to make posters of high quality (ability to change the sampling rate).
- Supports Drag & Drop for data files and graphics files.
- Change the background color.
- Copy and paste images directly into a poster

Download from filesonic.com
http://filesonic.com/file/qL7oKOp/Easy Poster Printer v4.0.1.0.rar

Download from fileserve.com