VMware Infrastructure v3.5 Update 4 | 3.46 GB

The software package of VMware Infrastructure 3, received the award in 2007 InfoWorld as a winner in the category "Technology of the Year", is designed for server virtualization, storage and networking, as well as to transform IT

infrastructure into an automated and stable computing environment. This is the most comprehensive software package for virtual infrastructures, through which you can immediately begin to build self-optimizing IT infrastructure. "With his more than 120 000 companies of different sizes could reduce the cost of maintaining the IT infrastructure and simultaneously accelerate the process of managing IT environments , resulting in a level of service they provide has increased significantly.
VMware ESX - the market leading hypervisor, has proved its reliability in production environments of all sizes have thousands of customers - is the basis for creating a dynamic, automated data center. VMware ESX abstracts the CPU, memory, network and data storage, sharing them between multiple virtual machines. He is a solid foundation software package VMware Infrastructure 3. Since 2001, VMware ESX has set the standard of the highest performance, scalability and reliability.

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