Digital Juice Editors Toolkit 7 Wedding Tools II (8DVD) | 59.87 GB

* 8 DVD-ROMs in custom case
Technical Specs
* 63+ GB of animations
* QuickTime® format
* Frame size 720x576 pixels, 30 & 60 fps
* The Juicer 3 resizes to NTSC D1, DV, PAL & more
* Motion Design Elements at various resolutions
* Motion Design Elements, Full Screen Wipes, Lower Thirds and Overlays contain alpha channel - 32 bit (RGBA)
Included Animations
* 15 Matching Animated Super Sets which include the following elements:
o 3 Backgrounds/Templates
o 2 Overlays
o 2 Lower Thirds
o 2 Full Screen Wipes
o 1 Transitional Wipes
o 2 Overlay Mattes
o 2 Lower Third Mattes
o 2 Motion Design Elements
* Works on all computer-based video editing systems that can read an alpha channel in AVI, MOV, RTV or TGA/TIFF sequences
* Must have a local DVD-ROM drive
* QuickTime® 6.5.1 or greater required
* Directly importable into After Effects® or similar compositing software

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