Unity Asset Store Free Assets 2011 ENG | 1.31 GB

This file includes all of the free assets from the unity asset store. For more information about each asset please refer to the unity asset store page of the desired asset.

Included assets are as follow:
Unity Creative 01
Maya Extensions
RapidUnity Graphical TB TRIAL
Rigidbody Sleep Toggle
Unity Lua Interface Library
Free ArtskillZ Texture Pack 01
iTween Visual Editor
Game Inspector
Align Editor
Photon Bootcamp Demo
Measure It
Necromancer GUI
C game examples
M2H Culling
Selected U3D Japanese Font
Dragon Warlord Bruce
Female Character Pack
Male Character Pack
Soldier Character Pack
Zombie Character Pack
Mixamo Animation Store
Root Motion Controller
Free City 01
Mirror Effect
Texture Mixer
NativeToolkit - Unity to iOS Bridge
Qualcomm AR
MetaMorph Animation Kit
River Tool
Road and Path Tool
Ball Pack
Strumpy Shader Editor
Rebel Probe
Cartoon Starcraft
Extra GUI Skins
Gem Shader
Lens Flares
Shanty Town Barbed Wire
Shanty Town Brick Set

Link Filesonic:
If links die, I will reupload at here.

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