NetBeans IDE Java SE Java EE (C/C ) PHP All 7.1

NetBeans IDE Java SE Java EE (C/C ) PHP All 7.1 | 1.61 GB

IDE NetBeans 7.1 provides support for JavaFX 2.0, while ensuring the full development cycle with the functions of compiling, debugging, and profiling applications JavaFX 2.0. This release also adds significant enhancements Swing GUI Builder, CSS3 support and tools for debugging, visual user interface Swing and JavaFX.
Additional features are built into the IDE support for Git, new debugging features PHP, various improvements and JavaEE Maven and other features.

What's new?
Support for JavaFX 2.0;
Support for all three deployment models: desktop applet, JNLP;
Pre-load funds, reducing the load time of applications;
Custom UI controls using CSS3.

The new visual debugger;
Support spaces to the customizer GridBagLayout;
Analysis and refactoring;
Improved lighting and format Javadoc.

Web languages:
Support for CSS3;
Code completion and documentation for new features CSS3;
Properties associated with the browser.

Java EE:
Support for the deployment of clusters and for copies of GlassFish;
Application Development Java EE 6 for deployment on the server WebLogic;
More than 50 improvements to CDI editor Java;
Support a set of components JSF;
Improved persistence Java, Web Services, EJB, WebLogic, and others.

Improved debugging of PHP;
Features groups of tests PHPUnit;
Support for templates, Smarty;
Faster boot-enabled client activity (S) FTP.

Platform NetBeans:
New interfaces with API system of windows;
Improved behavior TopComponentGroup;
The visual designer layout of windows;
Plug components with multiple views.

Version Control:
Integrated support for Git;
History Tab in the editor files;
Locking and unlocking the files in your working directory Subversion;
Support for tags and branches Mercurial.

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