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Take the best routes for trucks and reach your customers safely and on time: Professional navigation is now available especially for trucks. He can do whatever navigation solutions should be doing - and she even takes the extra demands of trucks into consideration: the bridge height and power, the vehicle height clearance and truck restrictions. The route is designed specifically for trucks save time and money from the very beginning, because it is specially designed for trucks and local detours can be avoided.
New in version 6.5
- ADR restriction codes for tunnels
- Display of low-emission zones
- Display and roll-on/roll-off termainals Rola terminals
- Send off may be sent to (navigation)
- Improving the performance of routing
- Map data Q2/2010

Quickly and efficiently to the destination
Thinks the roads are closed, and restrictions of dangerous goods.
Map and guide truck navigator route planning has been optimized for trucks. The Committee, in particular into account the attributes that are stored on the material:
- Roads closed to lorries
- Restrictions, such as weight, axle load of the vehicle length, height and design of the vehicle width
- Restrictions for hazardous goods, water pollutants and hazardous substances, and the roads are closed to trailers
- Profile of truck vehicle (height, width, weight, axle load, hazardous goods, etc.) can be installed before the end of the device at any time. Thus, navigation is always take the appropriate road closures or other information (eg, empty or loaded operation) into account. There is no limit on the number of profiles that can be stored and selected with a single click.
- The navigation system can warn truck drivers of the hazards such as sharp turns, overhanging trees, steep slopes, uneven road and side winds.

Truck-specific routes
Normal navigation systems designed for cars but truck drivers have different needs:
- Narrow the road side is automatically avoided in order to provide realistic navigation of the truck.
- Navigator map and guide truck route planning escapes automatically populated areas. Truck is in a residential area at the last moment, before reaching the destination.
- The driver decides the extent to which the narrow roads and side trips to the cities to avoid. Different profiles can be selected by the routing for this purpose.
- Turning maneuvers on unsuitable roads to avoid.
- Navigation in a position to determine when a start address and destination are in the region have blocked access, such as pedestrian zones or areas of the plant. In these cases, you will also be guided safely to your destination.

The main functions
Mobile navigation is a popular alternative to expensive installation. Map & Guide Fleet Navigator provides:
- Door to Door of cross-border navigation
- Intuitive, simple operation
- Precise visual cues and voice prompts
- 2D and 3D map navigation and guidance is clear, intuitive card
- Proven, professional guide and map routing and navigation
- Extrapolated positioning in tunnels
- Dynamic navigation: recent TMC information is received at TMC receiver for free and used to update the routes, and on the road.
- Map and guide fleet navigator supports the following languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian
- Auto-SmartZoom for optimal map information when approaching a maneuver
- Automatic switching between day and night vision
- Speed ??limits are also warning for trucks in many countries
- Text2Speech
- Coordinate input
- Global search POI,
- Realistic highway signs and connecting views

Connect navigation
With maps and guide fleet navigator can control the navigation of cars at your service with your staff the control center: Request files (RC-interface) and interfaces in C and C # (RI-interface) allows communication between a map and guide fleet navigator and secondary software which communicates with the control center.
These functions are used to:
- Send a stop point, the address of the control center for navigation
- Request a GPS position of the navigation and make them available to third-party applications
- The beginning and end of the mobile navigation
- Send and display messages from a navigation
- Guided navigation: Transferring entire navigation route
- Show other vehicles (friends) via
One park - different profiles for vehicles
Create different profiles for vehicles for a variety of vehicles in the park - this ensures that the navigation light vehicles. When you create a vehicle profile for cars and trucks with a map and guide fleet navigator to the following criteria may be taken into account:
- The speed profile
- Avoid motorways or ferries
- For vehicles: route optimization in terms of economy or time
- For trucks: How to avoid the smaller streets (walk), turning, residential areas

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