Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestra Sample Library DVD1

Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestra Sample Library DVD1 | 3.43 GB

Determined by the sampler KONTAKT 2 and its clones, and other programs that can be used in a library.
License: Freeware

Description: The new KONTAKT 2 sample library contains over 15 Gigabytes of professionally recorded and edited samples - all meticulously programmed into KONTAKT 2 instruments. Professional sample developers have contributed to the KONTAKT 2 library, among them Vienna Symphonic Library with a small Orchestra, Zero-G with lots of specially designed loops, Sonic Reality with a full 5.1 Surround Cathedral Organ, Post Musical Instruments with a Steinway D piano and many more.
A selection of over 300 impulse response presets provides a wide variety of reverbs, filter, special effects and instrument resonances for the convolution effect module. These impulses have been produced by Spirit Canyon Audio, CKSDE and Native Instruments.


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