Digital Juice: Animated Christmas Canvases 2 | 2.30 GB

Collectionof animated backgrounds on Christmas and new year s, includesready-to-use 15 HD Pre-rendered Animated Quicktime files and offers anexciting mix of animated lights, colors and textures.

About Digital Juice Inc.

DigitalJuice, Inc is a privately held royalty-free content provider forprofessional video, print, and presentations. The company sells packagedcontent products direct to customers. The company was founded in 1992by David Hebel under the name Dimension Technologies Media Group as adeveloper of third party products for the Video Toaster. In 1995 thecompany released Club Toaster which was a monthly CD-ROM based productfor the Amiga. The product contained animated backgrounds, stillgraphics, music, photos, articles, and product reviews. By 1997Dimension Technologies was looking to move from developing for the Amigaand instead focus on Windows and Mac based content. The company renameditself in 1997 to Digital Juice after the release of their firstnon-Amiga based product, Digital Juice for PowerPoint.

In 2003,Digital Juice introduced their own online network called Digital JuiceTelevision. At first it was limited to simple product demos and tradeshow coverage, but was expanded in early 2006 to include several newseries involving tutorials and training videos. In October 2007, DigitalJuice finalized acquisition of The Ballistic Pixel Labs.


Justin time for those last-minute holiday projects, we bring you anotherSpecial Edition instant download collection -- Animated ChristmasCanvases 2! Continuing where the first volume left off, these animatedholiday backgrounds in our popular Animated Canvases style will add evenmore to your holiday graphic resource library with 15 all-newholiday-themed ready-to-use Quicktime animations. No more staring at anempty timeline hoping for inspiration. This cheerful new library ofsubtle Christmas backgrounds provides a wide variety of powerfulstarting points for your next yuletide-themed creation. Unlike our morecomplex Editors Toolkit or ready2go animated backgrounds and projects,the Animated Canvases product line is not about customizable layers andlots of motion elements. Its about giving your text, your videos andyour ideas the perfect foundation to come alive and project your messageagainst a subtle supporting backdrop.

We believe the soul ofevery presentation or production is defined by its background. Theseanimations, in a larger-than-life HD resolution, offer an exciting mixof animated lights, colors and textures of the season that creates aperfect backdrop for everything from product promos, seasons greetingsvideos and corporate PSA messages to DVD menus, Christmas weddings andmore. In this package, you get an interesting animated graphic base and acreative nudge to get your ideas flowing and your project moving. Thesenew Animated Christmas Canvases provide an environment that enhancesyour video and text and makes your material stand out.

Name: Digital Juice
Version: Animated Christmas Canvases 2
Interface: english
Format: .mov (1920x1080)
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

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