the end of the manufacture, sale, cheap uggs and voice quietly said Wang Rong Jin. "In addition, while the inside pocket is ether B, please give this man the purpose of medicine, for a moment of awakening, is asking for trouble for us." Wang Rong Jin also believe, and so turn ether B again, as with any stress that joined the Qing Tan Zhi, ugg sale ugg sale c the weak first-hand all medicine.Then outside, they walk towards the ground, Tan Zhi Qing is not exactly losing strength, and Zi is the second part of the arrow has already been widely had no interest in the voice, not very virtuous also get to go this time to.They waiting to retire, but only once, to lie round about them with Tan Zhi Qing, went to the scale of time that they approached. Suddenly, Wang Rong Jin again feel that sense of crisis, a huge explosion inheritted, accelerated the push of a whole page, and then be consistent with the environment, to fall to the ground, he dropped everything and everyone call and improvisation is the first But this time, close to the spread of the outbreak of a huge ring, Wang Rong Jin lying face down on the floor, watching a virtuous circle is below the ground in this time must launch a weapon, firing in the direction of their addresses. Originally, only virtuous because they wake up in time to come, but he was persistent severe pain and death to go lie down, your eyes are exposed to serious injury and totally clear vision outside.So circumstances may be strong to withstand the pain and depends on each ear to listen, be heard Wang Rong Jin all parties and walk around ownly time, quietly pulled out his gun, fire indiscriminately fired at them, hoping to run into a dead cat and mice die otherwise party.The Polish virtuoso made immediately asked him to fire Jin Rong Wang, initially still cut and polished, to put it straight on, after all, was to turn a blind eye, Thought this type but, but almost all his life, see this time, a good person is not easy to do! Virtuoso of the blind eye, you can rely on cuts open fire, very fast, that the bullet from a cartridge clip and shoot nude, but did not hear the voice that the other bullet struck the din, doomed.At he knew at that time, his feelings no longer the person has no interest in a low voice before touching the body, I lifted my head, but the diffusion of a series of information, then slices his outbreak of severe throat pain, all the time and staff fell into one of the limitless darkness ... leg kicks Wang Rong Jin finally virtuoso Adam island, then turn around to go to all the lands in the vicinity, ugg classic short distance men fell, and not lightly, but after listen to the voice of guns, he knew that Wang Rong Jin saved his / her own life a again.Wang Jin Rong is initiated hand full. "Your mother, your boyfriend, I really do not see and deeply!" smiled clap clap on the shoulder Wang Rong Jin, Rong Wang Jin did not say more, which only gave him the word, let the door is on the first floor to rest, and then returns to body to reach the ground floor, leading to the back Tan Zhi Qing, there is a darkening of the ground floor. "Now, how?" Wang Rong Jin lookinging the obfuscation does not come to Tan Zhi Qing, sit across the street until you get to ask. "Take a break after the first, after a while, I say." All were taken to see the look, such as Wang Rong Rong Jin Jin.Wang say the least, also originally wanted to go to rest, but suddenly it seemed that, then up, and came to Tan Zhi Qing, and said again, just for peace explosion safe.Is blindly, and even went as expected, that the safe, then the password that only repeats Zhi Qing He open the safe in a short time to see this kind to protect the life, words very true, he said, he wanted to give up the wealth of content protection in a safe vida.El well so do not expect Wang Rong Jin fails, the Hong Kong dollar, Reminbi this, the U.S. dollar, the euro is still a very clean code, ZHA do not know how well much.Wang Jin Rong immediately feels a little red-eye ... I pray to pick! Plea recommendation! Chapter 119 withdrawsIndeed as expected, is a professional poison! His mother is rich, Wang Rong Jin looking at the moment while the entries are becoming more colorful, and believes that his blood pressure is a house of two corrupt officials Gao.Stole sense, is not yet installed wealth of such a great person! During this time, however, we ask therefore he went, like the treasure and bare hands, but the return? Wang Rong Jin after the death of a bag to carry here in the middle is the basic time thisugg men that is empty, hence the large hand a bottle of pumpkin begins immediately the couple's money the safe inside the pumpkin to enter all your own bag. The arm of the lower layer, an insurance Jin, Rong Wang are also numerous bars and saw Tan ambition to cleanse the respiratory system ownly also prepared very well, but skip this wealth, in the end it is still very cheap oneself.Filled a shoulder bag, not full, inside insurance left many, many books on Hong Kong U.S. dollars, that books are becoming reel, Rong Wang Jin is not much thought again, the room was a box, chased the other Hong Kong dollar, full of under arm bag.Come time, Wang Rong Jin always included several rooms also see a bit more, as well as the outcome, but I've seen many screens monitoring the ambition is to remain pure As room.Originally almost invisible to hit a lot of supervision to shoot at the head of the house, Wang Rong Jin was the rush to the hard drive its computer monitoring and decommissioning packaged in a wrapper inside.Descend down "time, Wang Jin Rong sees everything, and this time the door is still guard, but the Qing Zhi Tan obfuscation is not likely to be reaching his right side. see Wang Rong Jin at the bottom, and take two shoulder bags, you'll know what took him back, so put a smile way. " As for so long? "Her mother with this guy is the packaging and concealment manily still shoot at the head of the room, the queue only assistant." Said Wang Rong Jin with a smile and even having told remove the hard drive in a shoulder bag for all looked at, not the whole point of Rong Jin talk.Wang approval to a new handbag that fills the entire Hong Kong dollar released by the U.S. in the past , all connected also to come and see you can not see, but said Wang Rong Jin. "This together, I saved two lives, the money should be all yours." "Ha ha, I know, so I take a great, give it a bit, making! Somehow we are a birth to death! "Wang Rong Jin said softly, clapping and applauding after the death of this very heavy bag on his shoulders, however, see Wang Rong Jin says yes, or no longer say more.Chase bag to go after death, back, and then the wall to have a body, for example Wang Jin Rong. "He waited and went!" Wang Rong Jin was there to tell everyone. "How are you? Is able to walk?" "I'm fine, you can take, and then hastily left the premises, the son of a meeting in the news, the sky is getting lighter more difficult to do when the time comes. "All scoff, push outside door was walk.Wang Rong Jin, Tan Zhi Qing began to use to walk there and back, Tan Zhi Gao Qing did not calculate the Dun It, weight is not difficult to calculate, but Wang Jin Rong energy now very diverse, in order to bring in their own hands by personal matter, not in principle be calculated what.Two to walk quietly to the door of the hospital before they open to the outside was an eye, this time is different because the clocks at 3:00 am, on the outside, but still keeping the heavy rain that the wind is high, the big.By thunder this time is how people go to bed to sleep more aromatic, outside a small town is basically a nothing very quiet person.Two important people go quietly touched and reached the village , it appears that the distance the machine and the building torn Wang Rong, Jin said. "The King, in which he is removed,'m waiting here." Wang Jin Zhi Qing Rong Tan launches all, and then quickly turned away men ugg mini machine and building a strong offensive will come when the old nest Tan Zhi Qing, also leave a surplus of materials. not in the short time he had come from the field, but at this moment Tan Zhi Qing, in comparison to each other like a pair of walking sticks.All see Wang Rong Jin returns and does not say much and just take the foot Wang Rong Jin dark, deep, with one foot in the village of shallow water at the top of the hill people walk.Once Wang Rong Jin basically see that is not the time you get to walk the road to make noise until requested. "Do not go the way the original?" No "when he became head of the mountain is a small pool Huang, combine the open sea, which help me to make a type which directly take to return to Hong Kong, will be when it comes to pain, which want to go back to.However not return to the wonderful, immediately requested a site that is a train that went back to where you do it! Detinc the car, you know someone with the lush, helps me to process. "Everything said Wang Rong Jin, Rong Wang Jin also hear many words, immediately after the advance in the direction we are going to walk there. The hill is not high, but the rains and winds of their work in the middle of the night, walking the streets in wet slippery slope of mud, hard walk.Luckily Wang Rong Jin devote considerable effort to be absolutely The lifts do not come to the same obfuscation Tan Zhi Qing back often want to help the wounded whole.Two Chen showed that once the mountain, once reached, and that very soon Orero to 5: 00, at 4: 00, not bad, the color of the sky as the sunset this time, and unmatched, but Huang is waiting in the pool all his people, the beginning, some can not wait for.All approach and is owner of the vessel in a whisper, as some, and then standing Wang Rong Jin will not, not in the short term return of all tell Jin Wang Rong. "You wound at the same time, it is estimated to walk, do not stay still, you may want tonight, trying to rest, brethren, I am that person, you can go! Given that these days, I had no place, resulting in a lush for a day, neither is found, and leave. "" Boon, I know. "Rong Wang Jin ordered its approval, all persons ugg boots are slim Payton NUO Europe to try to get to Hong Kong, has said himself believe.Again be stillborn, to do things that were not always the ability to check in Hong Kong . "Brothers, still [a] life!" Everybody clap clap on the shoulder Jin Wang Rong, efforts to farm and Wang Rong Jin after that, I really can say that I was afraid of the night last night, late, if not the personal Wang Rong Jin broke out, he explained how Tan Zhi Qing, in the town center. "It has a little useless talk, watch!!" Wang Jin Rong smiled with a smile, said, moreover, with all that, he turned to leave the whole of According to his own direction.Sky quickly clear, not only all want to apply for a place to hide, but also must apply for a place to relax, and then hurried to leave it alone, all neighborhoods Huang Ling landscapes, still has to go! Use the line between the forest and inside the body of Wang Rong Jin, ranging from the pristine nature of a sudden come back, but still protect them from rain and winds to float to shake, but the filling does not feel very alone ... Buy or collect! Buy recommendation! Chapter 120 mutatesWang Rong Jin mound of mud in the shuttle's path name, at that time had come to watch 5:00 of the hill and walked only a means hour.Rain some floating in the sky now is small, is still a dark cloud in the sky thick to spread, the entire explanation, the rain, as it is at this point, the next three days and three nights rare.Walk not a long time, even when the Wang Rong Jin physical strength is also another good, by this time felt more and more tired, and after midnight, but survived the war consumes much energy, that now is the time your stomach is hungry murmur keep calling.Point Ji and once the use of this higher, depending on security, you can see the road, or maybe if the car is less than ten minutes, you can feel near a city small, even if not wait for the car, only a means, you can also get to the place of another person smokes hour.But Wang Rong Jin foot does not have the experience of the roads so hard, and this time and unexpectedly lost in the mountains and by the time they went to Shan-l, and half the mountain will not come to give a few hours.If in normal times, this time, the color of the sky principle must be more and more brilliant, but now in the midst of heaven, but still a complete darkness, Wang Rong Jin can not pass the torch, in the rain like this in the middle of the night, sitting on a hill before finally walking blindly into dark.This hill sees nothing important to say things, otherwise the beginning of the meeting was rooted to dig 708 people falling, and the eye area is rare in so this hill also, in principle, in normal times, as man is over.This the road is a hill you can see here is all coastal road of mud, and because of the lush vegetation and subtropical areas too time, so this does not walk much. Wang Rong Jin wears a coat and lasts until the beginning of electricity, Elsey wedge ugg boots in order to take the time to walk, all sent to ownly knife cut the top, still waving to open a new mud oneself.The the way for the mountain is a little different from other mountains, some in the highest degree, sex, stick a big yellow clay, so it was after the middle of the hill the road for several hours, Rong Jin Wang shoes, his pants are the key has already been completed destruction.Weariness the abdomen of the night overworked at the moment and desperately hungry cry is the whisper of Ji, by this time, Wang Jin Rong is also the more extensive exhausted, place a hand bag on his shoulder does not "know how many have law is also a bar of gold, all in cans no longer excited. to feet deep, feet surface walk the hills, at the time of his greatest desire was quick arrival of where they smoke, and then hurried out of the way lloc.El spirit is very steep hill, the people coming in normal times, and very little, so that the path of the hill, there is not so clean, and all roads were full of such yellow mud bath, water, walking is so special exhausting.Wang Rong Jin Also important is the spirit of nowhere, just in time for you Shan, the nerves are excited, now also complete, because the sound of a hungry stomach spirit.In poor fettlely Ji lost on the road, so the mud, suddenly the sky rings suddenly and violently storm, Wang Rong Jin suddenly ring drive down sudden and violent thunder jump.So effort forgetful, suddenly the foot of the road slippery walk originally loess is sticky and slippery, and Wang Jin Rong absolute only a ride, so for some time, gave unexpectedly ° Rong Jin Wang Rong Jin ground.Wang slip in person, Ma Gao Da Dun,,, again, heavy body, the yellow dirt ugg sale h road, submerged in water, in principle, can not make the effort, Wang Rong Jin wants to climb up the lift can also be lying, so the west in the cry The way to keep the ground rolling. Wang Rong Jin disk so surprised, it is immediate journey of the spirit, the road is very steep coast who do not know, as well as meetings with the road can not put someone a glass of water remains of his son, or explosion of the great rock. If Ke arrive at the best little thing that is immortal, who also was seriously injured, while observing the bottom dough on the road, some believe the title, see, they can try to make an effort to target and give grades to each other all the surroundings are keep.But grass Huang, extends Parties to grasp and pour in a box, then enter C and plug The main herb Huang retired and stayed with the power of Tui, then pour some functions will not be built if it continues, but never good.And lighthouse keepers of the low slope of the ground does not dictate how the distance have a very large cake of stone, according to the same speed as it remains the phone, and the weight of its own, so if you come across a piece of rock at the top has get a break in the bone can be not.It Jin is getting closer to see and leave the rock, Wang Rong Jin also be an absolute panic, left the track, in principle, no more force Last, push and pull your hand, you understand and skills to reach yellow clay, but on both sides of the road, and then Huang is all grass, but grass rinse Huang night, after heavy rains because the root the determination of the onset of loose, soft spreads and takes his hand, can be connected to the root and pull