GEDCO Vista v11.0

GEDCO Vista v11.0 | 1.03 Gb

Foundedin 1990 and based in Calgary, Canada, GEDCO develops, sells, supports,and applies client-driven geophysical software solutions for theexploration sector. Embracing a highly customer-centric culture and apassion for geophysical theory, GEDCO delivers geophysical softwaresolutions that offer superior value and generate proven results foracquisition contractors, processing centers, academic institutions,geophysical consultants, and exploration companies worldwide.
GEDCOsproprietary software packages include OMNI 3D, the industrys standardfor seismic survey design and modeling, and VISTA, one of the sectorsleading 2D/3D seismic data processing tools. Both software products arecomplemented by legendary support services and training programs toensure clients needs are met effectively and promptly.

GEDCOsconsulting services are focused on detailed 3D survey evaluation anddesign (SED), and 3D post survey analysis and recommendations (PSARs).GEDCO also specializes in complete 3D VSP solutions involving design,acquisition, processing, and interpretation. GEDCO now offers 2D/3D/VSPseismic quality control (QC) during the acquisition phase, as well asin-field processing utilizing OMNI 3D and VISTA software. All of GEDCOsservice offerings take into consideration clients objectives andresource constraints to ensure that supplied outcomes are comprehensive,meaningful, and useful.


First developed in 1985as the markets first PC-based seismic data processing software, VISTAdelivers proven algorithms for optimal field quality control to completeoffice processing. By taking advantage of VISTAs flexibility,reliability, and ease of use, processors increase their efficiency whilemaximizing the dependability of their results.


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