Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise x32/x64/Final 2012 | 4.73 GB

AutoCAD Map 3D - a mapping software on the platfm of the latest version ofAutoCAD . With it users get immediate access to data needed fplanning design and operation of infrastructure. AutoCAD Map 3D helpsprofessionals perfming projects in the field of transptationconstruction energy land and water use create process and analyzethe design and GIS infmation.

Key features:
The basis - the platfm AutoCAD 2012
AutoCADMap 3D 2012 contains all the functionality of CAD AutoCAD 2012 whichmeans that you are wking in a proven and reliable environment whichis considered the de facto standard with the release of projectdocumentation in all industries.
Fmats that can be imptedinto AutoCAD Map 3D shown in the dialog box impt functions. AutoCADMap 3D can interact with all popular CAD and GIS

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