Zoo Empire - MONEY (Full ISO/ 2004)

Zoo Empire - MONEY (Full ISO/2004)
PC | 2004 | Developer : Enlight Software Ltd. | Publisher : Enlight Interactive, Inc. | 762.38 MB
Genre : Simulation

Whilenot critically acclaimed, Zoo Tycoon struck a chord with a broad crosssection of gamers. Despite its publicized shortcomings, Zoo Tycoon andits expansion packs have been right near Maxis legendary The Sims on thetop selling PC game charts since their debut. Now Enlight Software isputting its best four feet forward to give Zoo Tycoon a run for itsmoney with Zoo Empire. Lets dig in and see if its something over whichto go ape.
In Zoo Empire, you undertake the challenge of going froman unknown zookeeper to being the most popular animal wrangler around.You do this by wending through the main campaign pathways, stopping atvarious troubled zoos and fixing their problems before moving on. Yourperformance at each stop eventually spells the difference betweenprominence and obscurity in the zoo keeping world.

The 21 missionsingle player campaign starts you off small, acting as a tutorial onthe basic game mechanics before turning you loose on bigger and moretroubled institutions. In fact, your first assignment is simply to takepictures of one zoos animals. The complexity grows from there, but allof the necessary tools are introduced at an easy pace. After you learnthe ropes, the campaign path splits into two distinct routes; one coursefocuses on caring for the animals and the other trains your sights onhitting financial goals. Choosing an avenue doesnt limit you to onefocus or another; you can exclusively follow a single path or switchfrom one to the other with wild abandon.

The Free Game moderemoves the requisite goals of the single player campaign and places youin charge of a chunk of land that you must mold into a thrivingbestiary. The only real goal is to not bankrupt yourself and get closeddown. After that, its up to you and your creativity to design theperfect zoo. Free Game allows for some initial customization like yourbeginning cash level, wall color, entrance type and other tweaks, butotherwise provides only small, medium, large and extra large squares offlat soil waiting for a brilliant administrator to take the reigns.

Asamazing as youll become, you cant do all the work yourself. One of themany aspects of Zoo Empire is the hiring and firing of employees. Youremployees range from workaday zookeepers, groundskeepers and maintenanceguys to veterinarians, facilities managers and education coordinators.When bringing someone new on board, youre presented with a list ofavailable candidates ranked in order of their skill. Higher skilledemployees command a steeper wage, so you have to balance your desire forthe best people with your spending concerns. To help even the ultracheap workers better themselves, you also hire managers to oversee dayto day operations of your frontline crew. Managers coordinate with theirgroups to make sure everything gets done and they provide training sozoo employees skills and diligence ratings improve. Some managers alsoadd value to your endeavor by doing research. Research can be conductedon everything from the prevention of diseases to posters and stuffedanimals for the gift shop.

Before you can acquire any animals,you have to build their sanctuaries. Animal displays can be simple orelaborate, and the confines can be constructed of fencing or the veryearth itself. Fencing comes in several varieties ranging from plainstick poles to Plexiglas and concrete. Each type of fencing has astrength rating that you have to pay attention to so your animals dontget loose. (An elephant can and will knock right through a stick polefence in a hurry.) Additionally, you have to keep an adequatemaintenance staff on hand to repair your fences lest they deteriorateand allow the animals to escape. If you want an escape proof cagingoption, you can use the terrain editor to build an earthen display thatsunbreakable. By raising the ground up, you can make a pen that willhold animals both big and small without any repairs being needed.

Enjoy viewing your favorite animals from any angle and distance
Create a photo album, or capture video clips of the animals to share with friends and family
Choose a character and develop as a zoo entrepreneur in career mode

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 800MHz Processor
1GB Hard Disk Space
nVidia GeForce 2 or ATI Radeon Class Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 8
Pentium III 1GHz Processor
nVidia GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 Class Video Card

Install Notes
ZEPatch120English.exe v1.20 patch
ZEPatch122English.exev1.22 patch for Zoo Empire fixes a bug involving the animals dieing ofhunger. Requires the v1.20 patch to be installed first
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