Xcode 4.2 and iOS SDK 5 Beta 7 for Lion | 1.67GB

The seventh beta version of a toolkit for developing applications under Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. Includes iOS 5 SDK. The basic application package is a built environment Xcode. In addition, the Xcode package includes most of the documentation from Apple Developer and Interface Builder - an application that is used to create graphical interfaces.
What's new?
NEW: Starting with Xcode 4.2 in iOS 5.0 beta 7, support to run and debug applications in the iOS 4.3 Simulator and on devices with iOS versions older than 4.2 is made ??optional and installed on demand. This support is no longer shipped as part of the core tools packaging, and made ??available for download and installation through the "Downloads" pane of the Xcode Preferences panel. A valid iOS developer ADC account is required to obtain this content.To obtain the iOS 4.3 Simulator, select the "More Simulators ..." item from the Run Destinations popup in the main toolbar. Will this Present the Downloads pane of the Preferences UI to initiate with the Installation of the Simulator.

To Obtain Support for iOS device pre-iOS 04.02 Devices, Connect and activate a device for IT Development in the Organizer. Xcode Will Provide a prompt to initiate the Download of the device Support Components.

If the Xcode 2.4 in iOS 5.0 beta 7 is installed over a previous Xcode 4.2 beta or Xcode 4.1, the iOS 4.3 Simulator and device support from the previous install will already be Present, and the Additional Components Will display as "Installed" in the Downloads pane of the Xcode Preferences.
The Installation packages for the downloaded Components Will be stored in ~ Library / Developer / Xcode. When a new version of Xcode (beta or GM) Will be installed, Subsequent requests to install These Components Will use the local packages Without requiring a new Download.
In Some cases, Xcode Organizer 02.04 does Not display a device That is in Restore mode. As a workaround you CAN use iTunes to Restore.
iOS In beta 5, 5, iOS Simulator is not compatible with previous releases of the iCloud Developer Seed for OS X. It is HIGHLY recommended you update to That the Latest icloud Developer Seed to the ensure Compatibility.

iOS SDK 5.0 Supports Both iOS 3/4 and iOS 5.0 simulators.

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