Windows XP Drivers Update Dec.2011 [ENG/RUS]

Windows XP Drivers Update Dec.2011 [ENG/RUS] | 2.05 GB

A collection of updated drivers for devices running the operating system Windows XP x32/x64, is a most complete and fresh set on 28/12/2011 in this release contains the driver for Stationary (Desktop) and Laptop (Notebook) All drivers are sorted by device and packed in a self extracting archive 7 zip, all drivers were downloaded from the official websites of manufacturers and are the reference (without external changes.)

Program Title: Windows XP Drivers
Version of the program: (Update 28.12.2011)
Latest version: (Update 28.12.2011)
Language: English, Russian

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP
CPU: Pentium 1.5 Ghz
VIDEO: Video card capable of 32bit at 640x480
RAM: 512 Mb

List of drivers:
Analog Devices SoundMAX HD Audio Windows XP Driver analogdevice hd v. x32/x64
Analog Devices SoundMAX AC97 v. x32/x64
Realtek HD Audio Driver R2.66 x32/x64
Realtek AC97 Audio Driver v4.06 x32/x64
Realtek HDMI Audio Driver R2.39 x32/x64
CMedia CM102 Driver v. x32/x64
CMedia CM106 v.21312111 x32/x64
CMedia CM6501 v. x32/x64
CMedia CM8738 v.8.17.34x32/x64
CMedia CM8768 v.8.17.33x32/x64
CMedia CM8770 v.8.17.33x32/x64
CMedia CM8787 v.8.17.47x32/x64
CMedia CM8788 v. x32/x64
CMedia CMI9880L Driver v. x32
CMedia CMI9880L Driver v. x64
Conexant Hermosa HD Audio Windows XP Driver v. x32/x64
Conexant HD Audio Driver v. x32/x64
Conexant Cocoa II HD Audio Driver v. x32/x64
SigmaTel Audio STAC92xx Driver v.6.10.6207.2 x32/x64
VIA HD Audio Driver v. x32/x64

AMD / ATI Catalyst 11.12 Desktop WHQL x32
AMD / ATI Catalyst 11.12 Desktop WHQL x64
AMD / ATI Catalyst 9.3 Notebook WHQL x32
Intel Graphics Driver
V.14.38.3 x32/x64
Intel Graphics Driver (B43, G41, G43, G45, Q43, Q45, GL40, GM45, GS45, GS40) v.14.42.11 x32/x64
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator v.14.46.8 x32/x64
Nvidia 285.58 Desktop WHQL x32
Nvidia 285.58 Desktop WHQL x64
Nvidia 266.58 Notebook WHQL x32
Nvidia 266.58 Notebook WHQL x64
VIA CN896 VIA Chrome9 , P4M900 VIA Chrome9 , VN896 VIA Chrome9 HC v.20.50.01a x32/x64
VIA VX800 VIA Chrome9 HC, VX820/UT VIA Chrome9 HC v.20.12.01a x32/x64
VIA VX855 VIA Chrome9 HCM, VX875 VIA Chrome9 HCM v.24.10.01q x32/x64
SiS Video Driver UniVGA v.3.93 x32/x64

Intel Chipset Driver v. x32/x64
Intel AMT / MEI / HECI Driver v. x32/x64
Intel Management Engine Interface Driver v. x32/64
NVIDIA nForce Windows 7 Driver v.15.45 x32
NVIDIA nForce Windows 7 Driver v.15.45 x64
VIA Hyperion Chipset Driver 5.24a x32/x64

LAN (Network)
Atheros (AR8121/AR8113/AR8114/AR8131/AR8132) v. x32/x64
Atheros (AR813x, AR815x) Driver v. x32/x64
Atheros (L1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT Controller) v. x32/x64
Broadcom BCM57xx Ethernet Driver v. x32/x64
Intel PRO/10/1000 (PRO/10GbE) Ethernet Driver v.16.7 x32/x64
JMicron 2xx Ethernet Driver v. x32/x64
Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Driver v. x32/x64
Realtek Ethernet Windows XP Driver v.5.790.0916 x32/x64
VIA Rhine Ethernet Driver v.3.87a x32/x64
VIA Velocity Ethernet Driver v.1.71a x32/x64

(Card Reader)
Alcor Micro Card Reader Driver v. x32/x64
JMicron JMB38x Driver v.1.00.63 x32/x64
O2Micro Memory Stick Reader Driver (OZ6933, OZ711E0, OZ711EC1, OZ711E1, OZ711E2, OZ711M1, OZ711M2, OZ711M3) v.3.19.1 x32/x64
Realtek (RTS five thousand one hundred twentyone, 5101, 5111, 5116 Card Reader) v.6.1.7600.30127 x32/x64
Realtek (RTS five thousand one hundred and fiftyeight Card Reader) v.6.0.6000.83 x32/x64
Realtek (RTS five thousand one hundred and fiftynine Card Reader) v.6.0.6000.20136 x32/x64
Realtek (RTS 5 208 Card Reader) v.6.1.7601.85 x32/x64
Realtek (RTS 5139 Card Reader) v.6.1.7600.10001 x32/x64
Ricoh R5C83x/84x Driver v. x32/x64
Ricoh R5U23x/24x Driver v. x32/x64

Atheros AR50XX Wireless Windows 7 Driver v. x32/x64
Broadcom Wireless BCM43xx Windows 7 Driver v.
Intel WiFi Windows XP Driver v. x32/x64
Realtek RTL8187S, RTL8191SE Wireless LAN v.6.9110 x32/x64
Realtek RTL8180, RTL8185 Wireless LAN v 6.1122.1016. X32/x64
Realtek RTL8187B Wireless LAN v.6.1163.62.1182 x32/x64
Realtek RTL8187L Wireless LAN v.5.1313 x32/x64
Realtek RTL8190, RTL8192E Wireless LAN v.6.1682.0.1222 x32/x64
Realtek RTL8191SE, RTL8192SE Wireless LAN v.1094.3.0819 x32/x64
Realtek RTL8192CE, RTL8191CE, RTL8188CE Driver v.1005.28.1006 x32/64
Realtek RTL81xxSU, RTL8712 Driver v.1084.44.1104 x32/x64
Realtek RTL8188CU, RTL8192CU Driver v.1012.1.1231 x32/x64


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