Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Rev 1 Incl Adobe Bridge Portable Multilingual-PAF | 254 MB
I guess i have a bit of compulsive disorder... everything has to be perfect,
if not .. it nags at me until i do it/fix it. Although the 1st version is perfectly fine.. im a perfectionist...

"No installation, No Trash Left Behind, NOT ThinApp!"

- Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Rev.1 Portable (PAF)
- Adobe Bridge CS5.1 Portable (PAF)
- Camera Raw 6.6 Camera & Lens Profile Plugin (PAF)
Website :
Category : Graphics
License : Payware
Price : $699.00 USD
Version : PS: / Bridge:
Architecture : 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64)
Writes Settings To : Application Folder
Stealth [?] : Yes (
Format : PAF ( Format)
Requirements : WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7, 32/64
Language : Multilingual
Activated [?] : Yes
Settings Maintained [?] : Yes
Local Install Support [?]: Yes, will not affect other Adobe Products already
installed on host machine.
How to Install : Install, launch 'AppNamePortable.exe'.

Here's a sort of changelog:
1. AdobePSPortable Rev.1
* This is an update to 'AdobePSPortable' i released a few days ago.
* Cleaned up the code for better, faster performance.
* Added PDF, Color, Camera Raw support.
2. Adobe Bridge CS5.1 Portable
* I also decided to add 'Adobe Bridge' :)
* Now these 2 apps. cannot communicate because it requires Switchboard service.
* But 'Adobe Bridge' is still useful for Photographers as it allows you to
import pictures from your camera. I also added the Camera Raw Plug-in.
* You can use 'AdobePSPortable' & 'BridgePortable' simultaneously :)
3. Camera Raw 6.6 Camera & Lens Profiles Plugin
* The reason i did not add this into 'AdobePSPortable' because of the size:
it's almost 300MB.
* This is only for Photographers who really need the additional Camera/Lens
Profiles. If you're not a Photographer: do not download.
* Due to the enormous size, load time takes longer... so only add this to
'AdobePSPortable' if you really, really need/use it.
* For a complete listing of all Camera/Lens Profiles:

- Adobe Photoshop: 124MB
- Adobe Bridge: 62MB
- Camera Raw 6.6 Camera & Lens Profile Plugin: 40MB

Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Spanish International, Finnish, French,
Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian
Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simple),
Chinese (Traditional).

* Fonts: install on your computer and Photoshop will be able to use it: i
highly recommend a Font Manger to avoid installion which leads to a slow
PC. I use 'NexusFont':* You can add more plugins by installing into:
AdobePSPortable ] App ] Photoshop ] Plug-ins
* make sure you test for 'stealth': many plugins leave trash behind.
* The same applies to Styles, Gradients, Actions, etc:
Install into: AdobePSPortable ] App ] Photoshop ] Presets
* You can greatly enhance Photoshop's performance by adjusting the RAM in
* If you experience slow startup, check your plugins, you may have too many.
* This includes the latest updates as of December 23, 2011.

Download from Rev.1.Incl.Adobe.Bridge.Portable.Multilingual-PAF.part1.rar Rev.1.Incl.Adobe.Bridge.Portable.Multilingual-PAF.part2.rar Rev.1.Incl.Adobe.Bridge.Portable.Multilingual-PAF.part3.rar

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