Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 ENG/Final | 3.45 GB

AutoCAD Civil 3D - a solution for the design of infrastructure and documentation for them. Civil 3D is designed for engineers working on projects of transport facilities land and water resources. Users are able to coordinate projects to explore design alternatives to simulate the process of the facilities and produce high quality documentation. All this happens in a familiar software environment of AutoCAD.
Key features:
Geospatial analysis for conceptual design:
The integration of raster and geospatial data helps make better decisions in the early stages of the project. To visualize the ecosystem project you can retrieve the images and surface models from the service Google Earth as well as from other sources. You can also import geospatial data such as soil types information on land use and environmental constraints to quickly analyze the possible impact of various design alternatives.
Surveying and coordinate system:
Geodetic data processing capabilities are fully integrated into AutoCAD * Civil 3D * 2009. A wide range of tasks - import field book the processing method of least squares the task and the transformation of the coordinate system editing of the shooting the automatic creation of shapes and surfaces of shooting. This ensures that the composite design: points shooting figures and surfaces can be used throughout the design process which eliminates the need for manual conversion of coordinate systems and the transfer of data from geodetic applications in the application design. Introduction to the project survey data will automatically update your project items