Sonic Flavours Hip Hop Flavours MULTIFORMAT DVDR [RePOST] | 1.81 GB

It's gotten time to present to you our biggest and most impressive release ever. Hip Hop Flavours is incredibly versatile and probably one of the largest hip hop libraries around. The 900+ mb refill carries a whopping 4600 files and will be shipped to you on a dvd which includes all wave loops, rex files and refill itself.

* 735 mb loops categorized in 10 folders: 2-track loops, bass loops, drum loops, first generation loops, full beats, guitarish loops, keyboard loops, misc loops, percussion loops and the Solarfield guitar loops.
* 180 RNS tutorialesque song files which can be used as song starters.
* 225 ReQuencer style Beat Matrix combinators. Zillions of drum beats will come out of these once you start combining them.
* Hundreds of unique mostly orchestral samples coming from our private archives we built over the past 20 years. These samples are taken from original, analog master tapes and sound deliciously vintage. We call this collection our "2-Track Archives".
* 100 orchestral loops: Orchestral Flavours!
* 92 audio preview combinators categorized in BPMs as well as categorized according to the names of the folders where you can find the raw loops and samples.
* Over 80 redrum kits and lots of patches for all other modules.
* Over 2200 single shot drum and percussion samples.
* Mastering combinators to lo-fi, magnify, coolify or just screw up your sound.