Autodata v.CDA 3.24

Autodata v.CDA 3.24 | 1.52 GB

Autodatais a research, compilation and creation of technical infy for use inthe independent auto repair shops for the prevention and cars, bikes,trucks and cars. Wanting a big part of these seminars are notfranchised, ranging from small garages to great bands, quicklyapproaches and different professionals, a growing number of franchisedworkshops also need a disk imaging on vehicles from other manufacturers.

Extras. Information:

Autodata covers a number of voprostsev, including:
Technicalproperties, identification of vehicles, services, adjustments,lubricants and capacities, ignition system, fuel system, tighteningtorques, brake discs and brake drums, repair times have, wheelalignment, timing belts, chains and timing of transfer of tire sizes andpressures, service illustrations, service schedules, service intervalindicators, key programming, diagnostic trouble codes, engine managementsystems, pin data, trouble shooter, safety pads / SRS, kondyuk, ABS,electrical component locations and wiring diagrams.

Abstract Installation:

1 Installation of the driver from the folder Dongle setup.exe
he asked to choose complet _ custom, elect a custom, click next
more will be asked which driver to install, elect a Sentinel System Drivers,
USB System Driver, other tselim cross, hit next, install who have not mastered it is possible to choose a complet
after installation go to Step 2
2, Autodata 3.24.iso Mount a virtual drive (Alcohol / DaemonTools, etc) and install.
after installation go to step 3
3.Zapuskaem from your Dongle Fail ad_inst.exe, will open a window, elect a language (I chose GER)
function we find there - Install driver, press, if the window pops up, click on Continue
then leave the box alone (have in mind AD Istall 1.0) and reveal the location KeyAutoda 3.24
run Autodata_Keygen.exe, there is a window with 2 empty rows in the first makes
ID request from the window left alone AD Istall 1.0, click on the generation, and has
Copy the generated code
in the window ID aswer AD Istall 1.0, and click Activate, all we lay etogo afterward,
4. take in your Dongle adbcd.dll and copy it to a folder ADCDA2 on voprosets replaced
answer Yes!


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