* Custom enumerated data types, 64-bit
integer arithmetic, and desktop
enhancements in MATLAB
* GPU computing with CUDA-enabled NVIDIA
devices in Parallel Computing Toolbox
* Support for the GigE Vision hardware
standard in Image Acquisition Toolbox
* Automated PID tuning in Control System
* New System objects for communications
design in MATLAB, supporting 95
algorithms in Communications Blockset
* Spline Toolbox capabilities merged into
Curve Fitting Toolbox
* OAS and CDS calculations in Fixed
Income Toolbox, Reuters Contribute
functionality in Datafeed Toolbox
and credit risk enhancements in
Financial Toolbox
* Graphical tool for fitting dynamic
networks to time-series data in Neural
Network Toolbox
* Next-Generation Sequencing Browser in
Bioinformatics Toolbox and time lag
error models, and covariate analysis
in SimBiology
New capabilities for the Simulink product family include:
* Arrays of buses with For Each subsystems
for reducing Simulink model size
simulation time, and data copies for
large-scale models
* Subsystem variants in Simulink and atomic
subcharts in Stateflow to create
reusable model components
* Test harness generation, data logging
and scripted test execution in Simulink
Verification and Validation
* Parallel builds of model reference
hierarchies with Real-Time
Workshop and MATLAB Distributed
Computing Server
* SimRF, based on Simscape, including
circuit envelope simulation and RF
Blockset capabilities
* FPGA Workflow Advisor, critical path
highlighting, and DO-254 support in
Simulink HDL Coder
* Multicore support for multirate models
in xPC Target and xPC Target Turnkey
This DVD covers the following OS:
linux 32/64, maxosx intel 64
1 unpack
2 burn / mount
3 install
4 crack